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Majority of my life I have been living in a place where I knew that I was meant to do more. The only purpose and desire I held true to was, “Some day I would like to inspire others to do great things. I want to do big things.” A young life that has met many tragic events, I refuse to play the victim. A strong resolve and resilience allow me to continue believing that I am meant for big things on this earth and I want to fill the gaps with truths.

Through truth, kindness, and love (a lot of oxford commas, and ellipses), I have created a style of who I have become, as a woman and healer. Over the last 7 years, I have been awakened to my souls purpose and intuitive nature. Through diligent studies and mentoring, I have grown in my gifts and how to bring those to the people who need it the most. As we are in a great universal shift, women are rising up in their gifts for the world and I am no different. Without judgement, I want to share my highest good with the women who need it most.

I share very candidly and with a truthful purpose. I believe my truths are someone’s too that they will not or can not say. I am that voice. I have never been scared to share my truth. I have zero regrets. I have a lot of life to live. In this life that I am still finding out who Nene is, I’m riding this wave and where it goes, with gratitude.

-Renee Lawrence

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